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Rob Impact (UK)


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J ROB-IMPACT BIO 2022 Cosmosradio.de Sheffield, United KingdomHi i am Rob-Impact from the steel city of Sheffield UK Progressive House and Melodic Techno DJ. Of over 32 years playing loads of genres in the electronic music scene in clubs all over the UK.  My roots have always been Techno of every form, my craft I have honed over many years to be able to blend and mix tracks seamless to take the listener on a sonic journey. My style has never to preselect tracks always to mix freestyle to me this is more exciting way to play music. With music ever evolving and technology moving so fast I have always embraced moving with technology in graphics and audio with my shows fully supporting artists and labels and fully pushing the music I receive. It has always been my ethic to feel honoured to receive music and in turn give my all to give proper feedback and fully support back.Currently i am now playing. the most upfront and pre-released material available Supporting over 70 Labels …Inc  DROID 9, DROID 9 SOUTH AMARICA, BC2 ,BC UNITED , UNIVACK RECORDS , ANOTHER LIFE MUSIC , BONZAI PROGRESSIVE, BEAT BLOCK RECORDS ,ZEPHYR RECORDS, ABSTRACT SPACE , and many more ,  I am a Proton Artist WITH DROID 9 MIXES on Spotify Artist and Apple Music Artist  and Proton.I am currently working hard in the studio with new projects which I hopefully will have completed in 2022.I have many mixes/ sets for different outlets with special ones for @droid9 recordings and @WHITE CLOUDS VISION 3 RECORDS which has had a great response over 1.5k streams.All links below take you to my musical outlets.I am also Resident on SUBCODE RADIO https://subcode.club/ Co host and owner of "The Smelting Pot" Podcast with Jachmastr My live video audio presentations shows on Mixcloud LIVE will take you on a journey , “we know the starting point but never the destination”. Come follow me . 


INSTAGRAMLINK https://www.instagram.com/progressive_dj_robimpact_uk/

SOUNDCLOUD LINK https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/DGpZH6QKimicK4Wn7MIXCLOUD                   https://www.mixcloud.com/ROB-IMPACT/MIXCLOUD LIVE LINK https://m.mixcloud.com/live/ROB-IMPACT/

YOUTUBE LINK https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCKhRMHsJeZ_DW8IkDnWhIiQ

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