Nebojsha - double.lybra studio set 
                           3rd Sunday of the month Airtime 20:00 pm Berlin/Belgrade (Serbia)
                          Next Radioshow 16 October 2022  - 20:00 pm Berlin/Belgrade (Serbia)

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Nebojsha - double.lybra techno experience No. 1 (


double.lybra studio set        

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Nebojsha - Beograd, Serbia  

At the beginning of the new millennium.
Nebojsa starts his first techno party and soon realizes that techno is more than just a good party for him.
After 2 years, he came into first contact with DJ equipment and current DJs at that time.
He takes his first turntables and mixer and starts living techno.
He has been actively involved in DJing in Serbia for about 7 years and during that time he has been going through all kinds of mixing on current DJ devices.
Today, he owns modern dj equipment for dj and production and enjoys his greatest passion.