Modulating the Air by AORMOS

4th Friday of Month 23:00 Madrid – Berlin - Rome / 10 pm London

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AorMos began as a DJ when he was 15 years of age and enjoyed playing electronic music more than two decades. In the beginning he was playing with the nearest sounds to the scene of House, to give a jump to Minimal at the end of 2000. And that year he got interested all the slopes of Techno, from its purer roots, spinning the more melodic vibes, deep sounds, and progressive aspects and looking always at producers and record labels that offer great quality in their productions.
In his DJ sets AorMos likes to realize the very supported and elegant mixtures of the tracks, and that the whole set has going and return of emotions, and that the energy does not decline in the session. And this way to be able to transmit a good trip of emotions.