Flucamin - Fairy Tales Radioshow

 1st Thursday of the month 20:00 Berlin / Amsterdam - 7 pm UK

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flucamin / Netherland
Organic Melodic and some Progressive House

Music is meant to spark emotions within its listener and sometimes it even results in goosebumps. A DJ's intention is the same, ignite that spark and create emotions with music. When playing these tracks in a certain manner the listener will journey through emotions the entire set. Leaving the listener with a feeling of happiness at the end.  


This is what Flucamin aims for. Telling stories with the music he plays, creating bubbles of emotions told in a way that feels like a Fairy Tale, exciting, enticing and sometimes even a bit scary. And just as it is with real Fairy Tales, his sets always have an end filled with feelgood emotions.  


Let yourself be swept away with a blend of Melodic, Organic and Progressive House in sets that best can be compared to Fairy Tales.