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Enigma Show by JP Lantieri

2nd Friday of the month. Airtime 17:00 Berlin -  4 pm London

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A cosy Parisian apartment, an old piano slightly out of tune, a mother whose nimble fingers fly on the keys to play a sonata by Chopin or Liszt, this is the first memory of JP Lantieri's childhood and intense music.
Having started his music career in South-East Asia, by producing, DJing and co-running several successful recurring events, he moved to London in 2014, move which saw his creativity and productivity increase tenfold. “I have to say that London is a very energetic - yet competitive - city, where I’ve met a lot of genuine and incredible talents” says JP Lantieri. From this emulation, many tracks and the Flemcy Music label are born.
JP plays in many of major clubs and festivals, such as EGG, Ministry Of Sound, Transitions London and Hogsozzle festivals, releases track after track on many respected labels besides his own Flemcy Music.
He compiles his regular Enigma Show broadcasted on selected radios, collaborates with heavyweights like Robert Babicz, Paul Hazendonk or Stan Kolev, garners support from A-list tastemakers while managing his label Flemcy Music.
London brought him a lot. However, as he refined his style, JP Lantieri realised that the place where his music belongs to is Berlin, the world capital of techno, where he has recently settled, and already played in the iconic KitKat club. ​

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