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Leo Baroso offers you a large panel of DJ - Producer and Remixer

Here is a soundcloud where I gather all the artists that I support and that I love.

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offers you a large panel of DJ / PRODUCER & REMIXER
Here is a soundcloud where I gather all the artists that I support and that I love 

Progressive house emerges during the first wave of house4 music. This musical style can be traced back to the early 1990s in the rave scene in the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and North America. A mixture of American house, British house, Italian house, German house, and techno emerged during this same period5. The term is mainly a commercial term used to differentiate the new rave house originating from traditional American house5. The progressive house comes directly from the acid house of Chicago4. This term emerged from the rave scene around 1990 and 1992, describing a new sound of house music that differs from its American roots5. This term was often also used to describe trance during its early years5.

Progressive house songs, like all progressive music, are generally ten minutes long and there is often a structure where the song starts and ends gradually. It is also because of this duration that this style is less popular, not being able to pass to the radio apart from the nocturnal emissions (generally envisaged for this type of music) and being therefore less known to the general public. However, many DJs exploit this structure and the sounds of progressive trance through their mix to bring melancholy atmospheres and create a certain euphoria among the public. These are for the same reasons as in practice, it is very often mixed with many other styles such as tech trance, techno, see psytrance, more underground.