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Electronica & Techno, United Kingdom


Label Demos:

Demo Submission Policy:
Please firstly listen to our radio shows and make sure your music fits our style.
Send a link to a private downloadable Soundcloud (or similar) playlist (ideally 2-4 tracks please). Include a link to your press pack.
We aim to reply to all demos. Please be patient. However if you don't introduce yourself in a professional way, you send MP3s attached, or you copy 20 other labels into the email, then don't expect us to answer :)

We move in Constant Circles… Music. Art. Fashion. Life. The most perfect shape in existence, a mathematical certainty, with no beginning and no end. This is our journey. This is our sound.
We are firstly a label - built on the foundations of an unquenchable thirst for the underground and a yearning for the sounds of the future, the past and all that emerges in between. Unceasing. Limitless. A constant circle.

We promote visual art & have curated art exhibitions in Brighton & London.